"Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest." Joshua 1:9

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hey Mom,
I apologize for not having been able to write. Tuesday is my P-Day, but apparently I have to send any actual letters out on Monday morning. I wasn´t aware at the time. Right now I only have 25 minutes to write, so it won´t be long.
First off, I love it here!! It´s sort of crazy, because none of my teachers speak any English, but they´ve been regularly using me to translate to the class. My Spanish has already improved that much!  Also, I was made district leader right after I emailed you the first time. My branch president took us all in the back and interviewed us, and then came into the room where we all were and announced it. It´s kinda fun, but really time consuming, and time is the one thing I don´t have. I have to attend 2 extra meetings on Sundays when everyone else gets personal study time, but it´s worth it.
The other latino elders here are great! They help teach us Spanish while we teach them English, and I´ve never met nicer people. All of my teachers are so incredibly patient with us, and help us while we teach them English.  We´ve taught a fake investigator Marcos Escobar 30 minute lessons 4 times already, and all completely in Spanish. It´s hard, but it´s gone really well.
I forgot to tell you that they cut my hair! I didn't have an option either, and it looks terrible, but It´s a lot cooler because it is so incredibly hot here.  Kelsey would laugh at me because I always have sweat on my nose.
Yesterday, we playeed a soccer game like we do every day. The teams are always mixed Latino and American to keep it fair, but yesterday we didn´t do that. We played Latinos v. Norteamericanos (as the call us), and amazingly, we won! I wasn´t there for the end of the game, because I got turf burn pretty bad on my leg, but it was awesome!!
I´m running short on time, so I´ll wrap it up, but I love you all!!  Also, they asked that you don't send any packages till we're out of the MTC.
Thank you so much!! Love You!!!


  1. It's so, so cool, to see you guys all out on missions now. The Oregon Layton's send all our love Michael.

    1. I'll pass this on Don. I've been copying Briana's, Eric's and Dallin's letters each week and mailing them to Michael. They are amazing people, aren't they!!! We are planning to come up when Briana gets back so when you find out, let me know when she's going to speak. Love you Don!