"Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest." Joshua 1:9

Friday, March 29, 2013

"This time I learned about humility..."

Michael was able to call home when he left the Peru MTC on Tuesday.  He said that the flight to Ecuador was two hours but he didn't know what area he was going to, who was picking him up, who his new companion would be ...  But he sounded happy and excited and wonderful.  We only got to talk about five minutes but it was priceless!  I LOVE THAT KID! 

I didn't receive an email this week but I did get a letter in the mail -

March 17, 2013

Hey Mom and Familia!

Como estan?  Are you guys doing alright?  Has anything ultra exciting happened since I've been gone?  I hope nothing too exciting.

So I thought I could tell you a bit about my tracting experience.  It was very different from my first time.  That one was really spiritual and I was able to talk a fair amount.  This time we had a missionary in the field with us, and my companion was from Argentina where they speak in the Vosotros form (I haven't learned this yet) but the pronounce their double "l's" and "y's" as "sh".

It was hard to understand him but that didn't matter much because the missionary we were with didn't actually let either of us speak.  I wasn't able to give my testimony one time.  It was a bit frustrating but that's okay.  I learned about talking to people last time.  This time I learned about humility.

We were in favelas, literally the poorest place I've ever seen.  The favelas they show in the movie Rio are basically a perfect representation of what I saw.  Some of these homes were literally crates and tarps put together.  This experience wasn't nearly as sad as it seems however.  I've actually never seen a happier group of people.  They were all (or almost all) so kind and welcoming.  It was really cool.

So let me know how you're all doing!  I'm really liking it here and I have tons of great friends.  I am excited to go into the field though.

Matthew, how are you buddy?  Are you enjoying school?  Is Mrs. Jordan-Hicks still giving you tons of homework?  I'm sure she is but you can handle it.  I love you big man!

Regan, are you liking school pretty girl?  Have you and Matthew been getting along?  You better or I shall give you a hearty tickle upon my return.  I love you sweetheart!

Mom, are you doing alright?  How's the family doing?  I'm sorry you always have stuff going on but I know that you can handle it but let me know if there's anything I can do for you.  You are beyond wonderful Mom.  Be happy!  I'll be back soon.  Love you!

Byron, keep being a champ good sir!  Keep them all happy!

Love you all,

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