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Monday, May 27, 2013

He wasn't the missionary that taught her but she wanted him to baptize her ...

Well Howdy Mother,
          I had two baptisms this past Saturday.  One was a nine year old girl named Karla, and the other was a nine year old named Andrus.  The funny thing is Andres wasn't my investigator. I spoke to him for a bit before his interview and apparently he chose me to baptize him.  Karla was a girl we taught and she also wanted me to baptize her as well. It was very cool.
          As of now, we have 5 more people with baptismal dates.   There is a family of 4 boys and their mom who want to be baptized but we're struggling to get permission from the father.  He is always drunk when we try talk to him, but the rest of the family really wants to be baptized.  I think we can convince him though to let them get baptized and we could possibly baptize him as well.

So how are you and your face?  (I told him his dad was ready to buy a plane ticket to Ecuador to go and get him.  He said…)  Tell Dad to not buy a plane ticket just yet, and that I'm getting things handled, or trying to.  I had an appointment this morning with the eye doctor and he basically told me that he has no idea what's wrong.  He looked at me and said, "Huh, well what do we do now?"  I said, "I don't know, because this is about the time I’d usually ask that question to the doctor."  Anyway, he told me to take two days of rest and go to a different ear doctor.  He gave me a name and set an appointment up for 4 o'clock tomorrow.  But I happen to believe that the new doctor isn’t going to have any answers either so I called President and asked for an interview and we're going to figure out what to do.  It might be tomorrow.

(I told Michael his cousin Alexa won’t be going to the Peru MTC at all because of her VISA issues and that she’ll stay at the Provo MTC.  He wrote …)  That's no fun for Alexa.  I haven't been to the Provo MTC, but the CCM in Peru is sweet.  (I told him that Kelsey was able to visit a friend in England who had just returned from a two year mission; that she was having a ball but had mentioned a couple of times that she was missing home.  He responded), “I'm glad Kelsey is having fun!  And she got to see Luke Nichols (said like Lumpy the Heffalump).  That's awesome.  I imagined that she might get homesick.  She's a family oriented person, sort of like her brother haha.

I GOT MY PACKAGES both of them, one from Dad and one from you Mom.  I have been happily snacking away since.  I got them last Tuesday, although the chips you put in exploded somewhere along the way hahah.  Thanks so much, it was so much fun :)

I’ll keep you updated.  I love you all so much, and make sure you tell Matthew and Regan that I love them!



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